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Explore our World and the Loire Valley through our weddings. We have had the privilege to work with so many wonderful couples.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite weddings.

Ceremony French chateau

Adeline & Stanislas

Photographer : Chloé Landerouin

Ceremony French chateau

Sanaz & David

Photographer : Mon Soleil Wedding

Ceremony French chateau

Annabelle & Mark

Photographer : Simon Brettell

Lucia & Renzo

Photographer: Chloé Daumal

Ceremony French chateau

Dominique & Gildas

Photographer : Camille Dufosse

Classic romantic chateau

Tiffany & Thibault

Photographer : Madline Vaslier

Amber & Frederick

Photographer: Nicolas Launay
Filmmaker: Studio Memory

Ceremony French chateau

Estelle & Jerome

Photographer : Henri Deroche
Filmmaker : Selim Mahieu

Classic romantic chateau

Sonia & Joel

Photographer : Rémi Barthas
Filmmaker : Studio Memory

Joanna & Nicolas

Photographer : Chloé Daumal
Filmmaker : Pierre & Julie Film

Virginie & Edouard

Photographer : Albanne Delacommune
Filmmaker : MD Video Creation

Wedding Organisation Chateau de Chamerolles

Charlotte & Julien

Photographer : Julie Hardiagon

Beautiful Castle Wedding France

Anne-Camille & Kevin

Photographer : Ania Slominska

Destination Wedding

Sandy & Diego

Photographer : Karine Guilbert
Filmmaker : Studio Memory

Castle Wedding Loire Valley

Marie & Alban

Photographer : Virgine Hamon

Lina & Florian

Photographer : Le Tiroir aux Souvenirs
Filmmaker : Fabrice Lau

Wedding Chambord

Justine & Anthony

Photographer : Henri Deroche
Filmmaker : Studio Memory

Justine & Kevin

Photographer : Eudes Quittelier

Dorothée & Frederick

Photographer: Henri Deroche