Romantic Wedding Venue France

Lina & Florian

Laure and her team did an exceptional job at our wedding (August 2021) there was not a single hitch,
everything was perfect.  It was truly a joy to have nothing to do on the big day, and also to spend time with our witnesses,
parents and family non-stop because, they had no work to do either !
Their presence was reassuring and soothing during stressful moments.

Laure worked with our florist, and what a team they made together, our flower arrangements were absolutely magnificent
and WE HAVE NO WORDS to describe the harmonious result when the flowers were included everywhere in the decoration !!

A lot of our guests told us that ours was the most beautiful wedding they had been to.
And it’s certain that the decoration and orchestration all day long led to their positive opinions.

So, once again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Laure!