Wedding Organization France

Tiffany & Thibault

Dear Laure,

We have just arrived back at Manchester. Time has flied and we cannot believe that our wedding celebration has come to an end. Please allow us to write this here:

The wedding is absolutely what we wanted. We are very lucky to have you on board to bring our dream alive. Thank you for your hard work throughout the 8 months. Each work is your great production, and an absolute baby we couples would hold onto for the rest of our lives.

The work is not easy and we are so happy that you have ensure we can communicate our needs. A highlight is that you brought the wise words to us, ‘Now I just want you to enjoy.’ This means personally a lot to us. We are quite busy people and have been used to doing instead of allowing ourselve to enjoy the moments. In the wedding, We have taken your encouragement to just enjoy (especially Tiffany) and let this day become one of the best moments of our lives. In the whole time, your calm and contained presence had a positive impact.

Number of our guests and especially our families told us it was a very beautiful moment, our families and friends really felt welcome before and during the wedding, and were very sad to leave the castle. It really felt like a little bubble of happiness and we didn’t want it to end.

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts, and we only have nothing but high praises to you.

We hope our paths will cross again, as we really admire your professionalism and yourself as a person.

We send you warm wishes,

Tiffany & Thibault