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L’OR ET CHATEAUX is a Wedding Planning and Wedding Design agency in the Loire Valley, dedicated to helping people from all over the world plan their wedding
or elopement in this fabulous region.

We have been creating unique experiences for couples since 2017.

We specialize in the organisation of refined weddings for international couples whose dream is to celebrate their wedding in France.

We provide excellent service and unique French savoir-faire. Through a creative and personalised relationship, we plan one-of-a-kind and authentic weddings.

We love to design weddings that are diverse in culture and style but always with our signature French touch.

We offer unlimited quality bespoke services just for you.

Our objective is to make every couple feel at home in France and experience an unforgettable wedding day.

Our Approach

Here at L’OR ET CHATEAUX, we truly believe in the importance of quality human relations. Getting to know you well is essential to the success of your celebration. We are aware that you will probably ask yourself hundreds of questions, know that you can count on us to answer all of them. We are here to advise you, as we’ll know what you really love, and what you don’t.

The key words are trust, listening and sharing

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Our Touch

What is magical in planning a destination wedding in France is that you can enjoy the French savoir-vivre, the Loire Valley architecture and the beautiful landscapes. Can you imagine yourself in a splendid chateau in the Loire Valley with a magnificent staircase, gilded walls, and painted ceilings while enjoying a gourmet French dinner accompanied by lavish wines?

We adore making your dreams come true. We provide French elegance and art de vivre, with a trendy touch.

LAURE, Agency Founder

Destination Wedding Planner France

Who am I ?

Long before I ever began working in the world of wedding planning and design, I always wanted to make those around me happy.
I love to laugh, to be imaginative, to create, to share, to travel
When I was 30 years old, I went back to study project and event management
In 2016, after two years of studies, I obtained my diploma, then decided to further my training at the Ecole du Mariage in Paris, firstly studying wedding planning, then several months later I followed a wedding designer training course
Being a wedding planner also means being a company director. I want only the best for the couples I work with, and find that the relationships I have built up over time are both enriching and beneficial to them.
I am lucky in that I have the freedom to personally select the partners I work with, and can then recommend them to the future newly-weds. I select them for their talent, but also and above all for their human qualities.
In my opinion, being a wedding planner means weaving a web of reliable service providers, building a network of trust.
I am constantly on the move, with a non-stop motivation; showcasing the beautiful Loire Valley region during wedding celebrations.

That’s why in 2018, L’OR ET CHATEAUX partnered with the Centre of France region during the celebrations of the 500 years of Renaissance.In 2019 I began to specialize as a Destination Wedding Planner. It is an immense pleasure to work with couples from England, the USA and beyond.
Do you know what I like best? Helping you to discover all the riches our wonderful Loire Valley has to offer, and to see the delight in your eyes as you discover them too.
What’s my thing? I just love decorating wedding cakes with flowers!

What’s next ? It’s up to you !

Laure and her team did an exceptional job at our wedding, there was not a single hitch, everything was perfect. It was truly a joy to have nothing to do on the big day, and also to spend time with our siblings, parents and family non-stop because, they had no work to do either ! Their presence was reassuring and smoothing during stressful moments.

Laure worked with our florist, and what a team they made together, our flower arrangements were absolutely magnificent, and WE HAVE NO WORDS to describe the harmonious result when the flowers were included everywhere in the decoration!!

A lot of our guests told us that ours was the most beautiful wedding they had been to. And it’s certain that the decoration and orchestration all day long led to their positive opinions.

So, once again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Laure !

Lina & Florian

Best Wedding Designer Loire Valley